About the author

It’s not the path of the eyes that my heart takes, but the eyes seek for the path of my heart.

I’d wish to rise above words; I wish that my path be rhythm and fragrance: the rhythm of love and the fragrance of the flower garden where I live.

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Forthcoming exhibitions

Exhibition in "Lik" gallery - Sofia
opening 17.12.2009

Articles in the press

2009 - newspaper "Trud weekly"

"For the third time the painter Ralitza Dencheva shows her paintings in the lobby of Grand Hotel Sofia. Her exhibition, consisting of 21 paintings is on display in gallery "Minerva". The paintings from this summer are united under the motto "Rhythm and fragrance". Horses, flowers and madonnas - these are the favorite themes for Dencheva, which is now also known from the love lyric book "Only for you" by publishing haouse "Persey"."

2009 - magazine "Perfect Home"

"For her exhibition this time Ralitza Dencheva is mainly inspired by horses and flowers. Two images which convey everyone's idea of beauty. Horses - symbol of movement, dynamics, freedom and noblesse, and flowers - transient and misterious sign of beauty, peace and gentleness. They bring joy, Те носят радостта, sensuality and ecstasy in life."

2009 - newspaper "Brjag"

"Everyone bears within a flower garden, and the more flowers he/she picks, the more enriched he/she becomes. This is in short the philosophy of the painter Ralitza Dencheva, whose exhibition you can visit in gallery "Avi art" since yesterday."

2009 - newspaper "Trud weekly"

"In the rubric "Beyond the visible" we take you on a meeting wth interesting people, who share their spiritual insight and unusual experiences. Today we have the painter Ralitza Dencheva, whose fairies live in the love lyrics book "Only for you", published in February."

2009 - newspaper "Duma"

"Colour illustrations, luxury edition and a gift - CD with the most popular songs, written by our authors, all of this is "Only for you" - the new book by publishing house "Persey" to give to yur loved one for St. Valentine's day, Duma newspaper learned from the editor Plamen Totev. The book gathers the most wonderful love poems of 119 bulgarian authors from different ages and generations. It is illustrated with numerous beautiful reproductions, from which stand out the spiritual works of the talented bulgarian painter Rlitza Dencheva."

2008 - "We, the women" magazine

"There is a picturesque exhibition at "Minerva" gallery (1 Gourko Str., Grand Hotel Sofia) of one of the most tender contemporary authors. The painter, born in Rousse (1970), is like naving the romance of sunrises and sunsets in her blood, the harmony of water and light, the music of the wind, the poetry of flowers, a fine beauty and a lot of transparent delicacy in her paintings. They have embodied the deep roots of tradition and folklore, the touch of closeness with nature and the search for the truth in the kindness and humanity. It is precisely light, goodness, tender feminity, yearning and craving that we see in Ralitza Dencheva's works."

2008 - "Perfect Home" magazine

"From Aug 19th, Ralitza Dencheva will display picturesque paintings, united under the motto "Golden moments". We often search for the beauty in the world around us. It is a feeling and experience beyond what eyes can see. And may only be recognized by our soul, the painter says. The beauty lies in the calm and silence of our inner self, it is a garden, filled with aroma, colors and birds, the home of a golden life-giving light. The life gives us plenty of freedom and golden moments, in which we become one with the lovely roses, trees, flowers and birds, distant stars."

2008 - ABC newspaper - "Longings"

"Sometimes love is like an image of light, drawn by a bright hand on a sheet of light. Ralitsa Dencheva is one of those artists who freely and emotionally talk with light. Her pure esthetic idealism does not reduce the compact and object traits of her works. The intense scrutiny of the wonderful being of the girl and woman with a high degree of the self-portrait and an innate sense of dignity and aristocratism are among her most characteristic topics of the last decade. But most liked by the public are her canvasses of the last several months, like warm major-key colour rhapsodies that seem to be drawn at one breath and with the swing of a master, ever more certain in her profession."

2007 - "Arch and Art" magazine - "The Soul Garden"

"Artist Ralitsa Dencheva has again delighted her admirers with new works at the Minevra Gallery in the capital. “The Soul Garden” is the title of her exhibit of 16 oil canvasses - figural compositions and still lives. These are pictures bearing the voice of life, singing beauty, joy and hopefulness; they are songs - professing that separation does not exist, nor death… that there is only a longing carrying up the song of beauty between Earth and Heaven, a longing that is never in vain."

2006 - "All about Women" newspaper - "Colour Instants 2"

"Although there is no human figure in the works of the 36-year-old author, they are specifically spirited. Refracting the images through her own spirituality and moods of the moment, Ralitsa Dencheva makes flowers grieve, enjoy life, radiate yearning or melancholy."

2005 - "Arch and Art" magazine - "Colour Instants 1"

"The fifteen oil pictures executed in deep, bright, cheerful and playful tones, are reflections of the author’s inspiration with flowers. With their tenderness, beauty and poetic nature, they open up innermost depths in the human soul and guide us to a more lovely and real world."


"Only for you"

"My soul is a moan"

Participation in television programmes

2009, september - Bulgarian National TV - participation in Rositza Kirilova tv edition

2007 - Vyara Television - "A Friendly Conversation"


2007 - "Artistically and Frankly", directed by Smilen Savov

2006 - "Colour Instants" - 7 Days Television