Rali Dencheff was born in 1970 in Rousse, Bulgaria. After graduating from the French Language School in her home town she continued her studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Veliko Turnovo. She graduated from the Academy with an M.F.A (honorable mention) in Painting and Aesthetics.

 Her principal medium is oil painting and drawing. She has had numerous individual exhibitions in Bulgaria, Hungary, Canada, France and Switzerland and has illustrated a dozen books of poetry. Her painting « Nymphes » hangs in the Blue Salon of the Bulgarian Embassy in Paris. The book « Quiet Eternity », illustrated by Dencheff, is held in high regard by Virginia Djakometti, the daughter of the great Bulgarian artist Boris Georgiev who lives in Italy. Dencheff’s paintings can be found in private collections all over the world.

Rali Dencheff has attracted the attention of numerous art lovers abroad thanks to her realist and symbolist style which runs counter to the dominant modernist tendencies in contemporary art. She is a master of flowery oil painting and drawing with esoteric subjects as well as of remarkably fine, sensitive portraits.

 Critics describe her work as « tender and poetic, powerful and delicate at the same time, inspired by the desire to transcend the visible and reveal the invisible. »

 Rali Dencheff’s poetic images of Madonnas, of beautiful flowers and of mystical images are part of some of the most distinguished art collections abroad.

 In her paintings one finds intoxicating feminine beauty, a thirst for life, and inspiraton.